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Han Solo Survivor

It felt weird having the only L4D2 SW survivors be imperial, so I decided that I’ll also make Han, Luke, Leia, and Chewbacca as survivors.


Han Solo replaces survivor “Nick”. This is my first l4d2 model. Probably still some things that can be worth improving. I got the model from it was originally from SW:FU for the Wii. I ported it over to L4D2 so we can have fun with some star wars characters.

Check it out on the workshop here:

Progress Screenshot

Got some gameplay scripts working today.

got some scripts working

Got swooshy doors working!

Very space like.


Started blocking out stuff

Yay! Orange hanger.

2014-08-04_00001 2014-08-04_00002 2014-08-04_00003 2014-08-04_00004 2014-08-04_00005

Started a design one sheet

Began a design one sheet on the parts of the map I wanted to focus on first.


Some ideas I was thinking at this point where:

  • Map focuses on the survival game type.
  • Wanted to focus on the hanger first.
  • Also add the deathstar control room as an extra room for the survivors to explore.
  • All other rooms would be pushed back until these two rooms were completed first.

Project Overview
I was posting things on facebook. Decided to move things here to help keep it all organised.

Info about the project:

Death Star – Left 4 Dead 2 – (Ongoing solo project)

  • Identified lack of Star Wars map for all of the Star Wars content on the L4D2 Steam workshop.
  • Took it upon self to create the content and capitalize on this gap in the marketplace.
  • Geometry and textures based off of content of Death Star map from SW: Battlefront 2.