VIP Box area

Did some work on the VIP box area where dooku watched the fight during the movie.
image.png.62857f2a96354d64759d45477639ce99.png  image.png.a38eb884251f3245d5a3b8d2cc9a5220.png

image.png.aae2d4d6896d890688f3a840936c12cf.png image.png.3395b1773b6cd5af6ea7b7366a7922c9.png

image.png.4de8c74caeaaa77944cedb23aeadf18a.png image.png.b884ef978dee9a330f5b82298c24e84b.png

image.png.6f793b89752166d2590bed58b09ebf1a.png  image.png.1394097c20b27604ae91e7028c6acc7e.png

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