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Kylo Ren Lightsaber Aug. 15, 2016 update

I’m pushing myself so hard so I can finish this project. I can’t see the end yet, but I’m getting closer.


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Uploaded my source files to GitHub

I was thinking about putting up my source files for a while. Thought I might clean up the files first and wait until mid July to publish the source on GitHub, but some people were asking for it now. So, I said, whatever, why impede other modder’s creative drive and progress. So I pushed all of my source files up today. Enjoy happy modding!

Find the repo on GitHub here:


Published the map on Steam Workshop

I decided that I got the base of the map finished and that I wanted to publish the current version as a demo, before I start working on other rooms. This way people can play the demo while I work on creating other parts. The workshop also has an update version feature so I can push new rooms as I make them.

Download it on the Steam Workshop here:


Added some new areas

Got together with some friends over the weekend to play around on the map before I released the demo on the Steam workshop. We noticed some gameplay issues. They were minor, but I felt like I should try to correct them before I release the demo. One of them was adding this area over here, which connects the player spawn to the machine gun turret hold out area.


Tried a first pass at lighting

I’ve never light an indoor environment before, let alone a tight confined indoor space like some of the deathstar’s hallways. Another problem is that L4D2, isn’t suppose to have that many lights, but the deathstar has lot of bright things in the environment, such as doors that have many lights built into them. Lighting the deathstar will be an interesting experience of learning, tweaking, and balance.

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Did some more photoshop texturing

Starting to come together.


Custom whiteboard

Got to have an escape plan.


Lightsaber v05

Continued working on the lightsaber. I added a flare and a curved point.


Iterating on the lightsaber

Did some more work on the lightsaber.


Even More Texturing

Did some more texture work and added a wall of lightsabers in the control room. With a wall of every melee weapon in the game. It ensures that a player can pick their favorite color lightsaber.