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by adding some silhouette and spikey variation it looks a little more geonosis. starting to look a little better


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custom skybox for Geonosi

Adding in a custom skybox for Geonosis was one of the easiest things to do on this project. I had never made a custom skybox for a map before. So plus one for doing something new and expanding my skill set. :)


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Over scoped, but still working. Never quit!

ehh.. this project was over scoped for me.. and at this point i just want to be done

small updates. working on the arena back walls. moved the sun. will do a custom geonosis skybox texture next.



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More work

– some more texture work
– all stands have stairs and textured
– in game view from stands


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Basement Area

Experimenting with the underground area. This is the area under the arena floor, where extra zombies will spawn. A combination of the geonosian hives and eggs. Maybe a small section to the droid factory parts from episode 2.

image.png.f1aff207d86bbf5f45befe154186be7a.png  image.png.b963c1ded1b675585586ecdf5387a3c1.png

image.png.7b548fcc501497621671e7c1e84445fb.png  image.png.13ded067ae15e597d8377b94c1ceada0.png

image.png.051dba4f520c55d4e468da2bbaf3aabe.png  image.png.a000c51995ccc52a1b2b43d6b9ac377e.png

image.png.ff1bd01d7b983a75bd022e389bdd1681.png  image.png.c8942f6022d77a51b99d0b2f5ea7bfbb.png

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Continuing with texture work

I continued bringing in some custom textures for the map. I ripped more textures from Republic Commando and did some minor photoshop work on them. Going into a little detail on the process.  This first batch of textures I screen grabbed from the unreal editor for republic commando. Edited in photoshop, then imported into hammer. It should be enough for me to texture the map. If there is some glaring missing texture that I can’t live without, then I will address after my attempt to texture the map using this texture set here first.

And then just to get started, and see some improvement on the map, I textured the arena.






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Fixing the light issue

Fixing the light issue


2 hrs

  • It was an issue with the angled stadium seating that was a world brush chopping up the bsp tree

  • Turned them into “func detail” ents as so they no longer chopped up the world…

  • Pc prob couldn’t handle the math

  • Left them on initially to make more areas to chop up the map, but prob dont need

  • That piece would probably be a maya prop anyway

    • With manually drawn area portal cut offs?

    • But the map is mostly open air, so the whole thing would prob render

    • Only the back tunnels and basement would benefit from the old school quake room by room level design engine

  • Still dark, but fixed

  • Will adjust light source next.

  • Then cont texturing

  • I want at least the outside sun light source, so texturing / screenshots will look nicer


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Started Texturing

Started texturing

  •  2 custom textures. Based from republic commando, brought into photoshop
  • Had some issues with the sun… light env
  • Spent too much time trying to debug it
  • I wanted non “full bright” to get a better screenshot with the new textures….
    • Eh, prob not worth the time at this stage

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Grey Box Stage

I did some work on the “grey box” stage. Blocked out some important areas, then worked on getting the game into a minimum playable state. Side note, for your reference… making 90% of a map in hammer circular is a pain when working on grid. I do not recommend. Maybe pick some major grid points and make most of it a model in maya or something.

Some other notes I took when I was working on this part during Christmas break.

  • Having the pressing deadline of the week between xmas and new year, i found myself looking at stuff in the editor and going, “uhh, eem.” a lot. And just staring at an object / layout until I found the best way to build it. Or even approach to build it. A more detailed drawing would have probably eliminated that “meandering phase”
  • For example, my drawing had “place VIP seat box” here, and “make it look like movie” but it didn’t really say more than that… so i spent a lot of time re watching that scene and kinda building it from the movie. Maybe I would have been able to grey box it faster if this was one of the sections that was zoomed in on during  the expanded level bible, with a more detailed layout drawing of this sub sectionz.

Here are some screen shots:

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L4D2 Hoth Survival Map WIP

I’ve been working on a survival map for Left 4 Dead 2. It’s another Star Wars themed location, Echo Base on Hoth. Placed during the invasion of the Empire and the Rebels evacuation. I think this is a perfect survival scenario. It fits the similar themes and action of classic last hold out stands such as the battle of the Alamo, Thermopylae, or another L4D2 favorite Helm’s Deep from Lord of the Rings. I hope to bring this battle to life… or dead, lol, and create a fun experience and another Star Wars fantasy. Some of you have already seen me posting pictures on social media such as facebook and twitter. I decided to catch up my blog and post pictures and updates here as well. Here are the photos I have collected so far.

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